The name

Ian G. is a nickname my friends gave me because there were too many Ians in our group of misfits. It grew on me so it stuck. In my senior design class in college, I was told to come up with a name for my personal design project. Of course I went with Ian G. Design.

The designer

The graphic and web design industries are always changing, which is why I enjoy what I do for a living. I love learning new things and meeting new people, and my career allows me to do both. I have been in the industry for right around a decade now. I currently work as an in-house designer, and have done freelance design all of my career. I attended The Art Center Design College (now Southwest University of Visual Arts ) in Tucson, Arizona, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2007. I find ways to incorporate design into just about every part of my life. Check out that collage.

The person

If I’m not soaking up some sweet rays from the glare of a computer screen, I can usually be found outside drinking in all the sunshine. My hobbies include jet skiing, adult kickball, music, music videos, and a lot of other awesome stuff. I can always find a way to blend design into all of it. I have a Queensland Heeler pup named Lucy, who is way more photogenic than I am. Once again, check out that collage.

The portfolio

My portfolio is based on the Bootstrap framework, there have been a lot of websites moving to this responsive layout recently. It is a very clean and simple style and a great fit for my portfolio. The design was inspired by a love for nature and being immersed in my surroundings and the moment wherever I am. Water will always be a prevalent force in my life. I love watching beautiful sunsets and feeling the rays beam on my face as it sets. The saguaro cactus was influenced by the logo of the grocery store I worked at in high school, ABCO Foods Desert Market. I have always liked that logo. Hey, remember that collage? Check it out.

I'm always looking for my next project, if you would like to see what visual magic we can make together - let's talk!